Medical School Application Course | AMCAS Personal Statement, AACOMAS, TMDSAS and More


MMI Sample Question #3

MMI Scenario Question 3: You are a 3rd year medical student doing hospital rotations. A fellow medical student who is doing rounds with you often shows up to these sessions tired, messy, hung over, or even drunk. One day you found her in the lunch room unaccompanied, so you decided to talk to her. Please …

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MMI Sample Question #2

MMI Scenario Question 2: Needle exchange programs (NEPs) are community-based programs that provide, access to sterile needles and syringes free of cost, facilitate safe disposal of used needles and syringes, and offer safer injection of drugs. Discuss the pros and cons of a needle exchange program. 

MMI Sample Question #1

MMI Scenario Question 1: A man has been responsible for taking care of his wife who is in a vegetative state for 6 years after a car accident. He requests that her feeding tube be removed. What should you, as her physician do?

Post Interview Communication

Example Letter of Intent Dear (Dean or Director of Admissions, depending on the school), My name is John Doe and I am currently applying to Best University School of Medicine (BUSOM). I interviewed on December 1st and am writing this letter for three purposes. My first purpose is to reiterate that BUSOM is my top choice …

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Admission Decisions

Admission Decisions: Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected Following the interview, applicants will receive one of three admissions decisions. The lucky ones will receive an acceptance! However, many will be placed on the waitlist, and unfortunately, many will receive a rejection. Acceptance! For those fortunate applicants that receive an acceptance, anytime during the application process, it is crucial …

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Traditional vs. MMI Interviews

Strategies for the Traditional and MMI Interviews Know you application. While this sounds like a no-brainer, every year many applicants are derailed by a failure to adequately review their own applications. Any aspect of your application is fair game to interviewers. In fact, if there is something you are not comfortable discussing, it is best left …

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Interview Overview

The Interview At this point in the application process, no matter how impressive your application and personal statement are, you are still just a name and information on paper. The interview gives med schools the opportunity to meet the real, flesh-and-blood you. It is one of the last hurdles between you and your entrance to medical school …

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Secondary Applications

Your Secondary Applications This lesson is going to take you through the courses you need to understand about secondary applications. Secondary Essay Database: The primary application is just the beginning of your medical school journey. The next step is to conquer the challenges of the secondary application. Coming to this stage is important since …

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AMCAS Activities Section

The AMCAS Activities Section The activities section is a critical part of your application. It is crucial to take this section seriously, and spend ample time developing the content in order to effectively demonstrate your strengths and qualities in the descriptions. Below are some essential tips to help you write your activities! 1. List activities …

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Osteopathic Schools

Applying to Osteopathic Medical Schools Many of the physicians that you see practicing today are osteopathic physicians, or ‘DOs’, instead of the traditional, ‘MD’. Osteopathic medicine has become a desirable and increasingly common path to acquire a medical education in the U.S. Applying to MD and DO schools have some subtle differences, so we will …

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Letters of Recommendation

Your Letters of Recommendation  Letters of recommendation are a very crucial part of your application. Most sections of the application are important because they allow you to tell the application committee about yourself. Letters of recommendation, on the other hand, are important because give medical schools the opportunity to hear what others have to say …

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Making a School List

Your School List Here are a few links you should visit to help develop your school list: ProspectiveDoctor Chance Predictor MSAR Choosing which schools to apply to is an important step that should not be taken lightly. And if you are not realistic about which schools to choose, you can easily find yourself sitting on …

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Start Here!

So you think you want to be a doctor? Great! Let’s start by providing an overview of what it takes and what you can expect as you prepare for this path! Check out the complete guide as well for in-depth information for every step of the way!

Application Timeline

Application Submission AMCAS is available to those wanting to begin the application process in May. You can submit your application anytime between June 1st (though this date may change slightly from year to year) and October 15th. This time window leads to a lot of unnecessary confusion among applicants. The important thing to remember, however, …

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Mastering the MCAT

The MCAT Every pre-medical student knows about the difficulty and significance of the Medical College Admissions Test or MCAT. It is one of the most dreaded aspects of applying to medical school, and as a test that consists of over 200 questions and 7+ hours, the task of preparing for this exam can be daunting. …

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